#1 Gift Idea for Strong and Silent Types

#1 Gift Idea = Silent Night Theme Party = Priceless

Description:  For those of us who believe all life is part of one intelligent Source, separation is an illusion best overcome.   Many of us who struggle to produce spoken words find talking artificially partitions off connection.   This gift joyously reunites and one size fits all.

1. Music – The more dancy the better.  Models shown here (aka my boyfriend Jerry and me) enjoying Avett Brothers Pandora Station.

2. Comfort food – Olive Garden pasta, salad and my personal carb antidepressant favorite BREADSTICKS shown here…along with a sassy sign from my activist friend, Ty.

3. Clear start and finish time – No navigating social norms to figure out when it is cool to show up or appropriate to go home at this party because guests are expected to arrive on time and leave on time.  Lovely! Many of us quiet folk appreciate knowing what to expect.   Plus chatty friends are often uncomfortable in silence but most can handle a two-hour block if they really focus.  It is important to respect neurotypicals’ special needs. Six to 8 pmshown here.

4. Creative task – Painting/drawing shown here as I help my friend Jeri make this painting not suck. Other available tasks are: Decorating a tree, Lego building, sidewalk chalking, working with clay/playdough, coloring, and other imaginative sandbox type play options.

5. Intent to lovingly be together as equals – Shown here is Lois standing on a chair demonstrating her intent to be more equal to my six foot seven inch boyfriend.

6. NO TALKING  (None happily shown here)
Customers who bought this also bought: ***** Thirty -minutes of no talking time together while swinging, walking outside, and sitting around a fire pit.
Silent gift B

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