5 Takeaways from 2016

Latest Blog: “5 Takeaways from 2016” BY LOIS PRISLOVSKY 1: Neurofeedback works well for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and Sleep health. “Thoughts become chemical. Treat yourself WELL in advance.” -Lois             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fl_EIaT5tP0 2: Understanding presumed competence, Autism empathy myths, and the benefits of Neurodiversity helps us all. “The more perceptions we can process, the more reality we may know.” -Barb Rentenbach. Alyssa Compa, host of A Community Affair and public affairs director of WGLS – FM, speaks with Dr. Lois Prislovsky about embracing what makes each of us different. With a focus on Neurodiversity, Lois gives reassuring tips and advice to parents with children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and anxiety. Finally, Lois also shares the inspiring story of her non-verbal autistic co-author and business partner, Barb Rentenbach.         http://www.rowan.edu/today/data/cast/LoisPInterview4Podcast.mp3 3: ASD friendly holidays can be made easy with these Connection Intention tips. “To love we must first appreciate. To appreciate we must understand.” -Lois                     http://chickensoup.podbean.com/e/friend-friday-autism-and-the-holidays-lets-talk-acceptance-and-understanding-with-dr-lois-prislovsky/ 4: ADHD can be a Super Power. “If we treat or medicate away ADHD, we may lose adventurers, explorers, protectors, inventors, athletes and other bold contributors.” -Lois We are wise to embrace and build on the considerable strengths linked with ADHD brain styles. Many of the challenges associated with ADHD can be alleviated with education. Performance may be maximized by understanding the differences and taking action to establish external and internal structures supporting this type of neurology. For your diverse learning style pleasure we offer both a podcast and video for more on this idea:... Read More

Show #36 Peter Shankman: ADHD as a Super Power

Marketing guru, best selling author, entrepreneur, skydiver, corporate keynote speaker and creator of the “Faster Than Normal” podcast which helps us all unlock the gifts of the ADHD and ADD brain Peter Shankman is our featured guest. Peter is a spectacular example of the benefits of Neurodiversity. The music for today’s show is written and performed by another neurodiverse strong man, James Burrows. And Barb’ invites Chicken Soup for the Soul: Raising Kids on the Spectrum co-author, Nancy Burrows, to share excerpts. Join us as we drop the shame and pathology and learn how to drive our different brains.      http://apple.co/2hf6LLj Please listen and subscribe to Loud Mute... Read More

Show #35 – Xian Horn on Disability Positivity and the Work force

Horn shares her advocacy work as a biracial woman with Cerebral palsy.  Her positivity and flexible thinking focuses uplift teens to celebrate their differences, “Disability was easy, insecurity was a challenge.”  Horn discusses her work at:  the Standing Tall school for non-verbal students, NYU’s program for women with disabilities, and Change Blazers an organization whose mission is to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities.  Then in the Barb Asks segment, UCONN’s Chris Wenz talks about literacy education and the benefits of #neurodiversity. Please Listen and Subscribe to Loud Mute Radio on iTunes: Show... Read More

Show #34 – Howard Bloom on Neurodiversity

INSPIRATIONAL & FUN!  A must hear for young scientists especially those with “disabilities.”  Howard Bloom LIVES Barb’s recommendation to “Sculpt yourself with intention” as he overcame 5 years of not being able to speak, 15 years of being bed ridden, chronic depression, social isolation, and being teased throughout childhood as “The Sickly Scientist.”  Learn how Howard channeled his beautiful neurodivergent mind and attention to become a prolific multidisciplinary (“Omniology”) scholar, author, podcaster, 1000 push-ups a day guy, and creator of one of the most astoundingly successful Public Relations firms in the history of the Music industry.  As Howard says, “my disadvantage became my advantage.” Tune in for fascinating, uplifting personal accounts with superstars like Galileo, Prince, Joan Jet, and Michael Jackson.  Discover “what dances you” and punch through the boundaries of the status quo by expanding the benefits of Neurodiversity.   Please Listen and Subscribe to Loud Mute Radio on iTunes... Read More