Autism Awareness & Temple Grandin

I used to pinch myself to stim.  Now, I do it metaphorically to make certain I enjoy all of this and all of you.  For Autism Awareness Month, Mule and Muse Productions proudly launches LOUD MUTE VIDEO.


LOUD MUTE RADIO and LOUD MUTE VIDEO are by us and for us.  I want you to be seen and heard.

No need to turn blue with excitement simply subscribe and enjoy our first VIDEO:

Donna Williams generously shares hard-won wisdom on how to overcome fear and obstacles:


P.S.  If you think your input does not matter, please view this next video.  The TV station promoted it as,  “Research shows parent training can help kids with autism”.  But look closer.   This lil “expert” has been listening to us…and it shows, “#actuallyautistic training can help experts understand what autistics know”.

CREDITS for the true experts’ contributions to the video below:

*“Demanding eye contact may not be best practice” = M Kelter,  “Brooke” Wilson in Diary of a Mom, and Emma Zurcher Long
*”Non-verbal thinking/communication is valid” = Amy Sequenzia, Temple Grandin, Naoki Higshida, Wally Wojtowicz, and Carly Fleishmann
*”Exposure anxiety reduction” = Donna Williams, Haley Moss, and me
These credits are not complete, but it is a start.  Enjoy the show.


Please join us for our next LOUD MUTE RADIO and LOUD MUTE VIDEO shows starring Dr. Temple Grandin.

Thank you for sharing your beautifully neurodiverse minds at

Changing the world with you, B







Ask Temple

( I know this sounds extra catholic and it is because Dr. Grandin honorably teaches on a wide variety of topics) If you have questions for Dr. Temple Grandin you would like heard and answered on the show please call: 422 BARB 989 that’s 422- 227- 2989 or Dr. Temple Grandin                          email at

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