How to Help Your Therapist Help You

Latest Blog: “How to Help Your Therapist Help You” by Lois Prislovsky, Ph.D. and plenty of smart, compassionate, loving people from every political party imaginable – many of whom were at Thanksgiving. How to help your therapist help you be YOU – BIG time Or In full disclosure, because of the most powerful sense of critical urgency I have ever felt in my entire 50 years, that is not the title I REALLY want to communicate. Why do I filter my true intention? Because I fear a “mental illness” label which I am learning from my wise clients is about as helpful as silent letters tattooed on cinder blocks wired to your new bathing suit. Click HERE for our thoughts on the negative impact of pathologizing neurodivergences – aka labeling people who think differently as disordered. The more fearless and love fueled title I truly intend is: How to help your therapist help you heal the world – NOW Fortunately, regardless of which title is more appealing to you, the result should be the same: you KNOW and GROW your greatness (which is FUN and fascinating if you choose) and the world is a much better place. Here is some FUN Positive Psychology (F+P) to help you KNOW and GROW your Greatness: 1. Uplifting LOUD MUTE RADIO podcast featuring heroic Amy Newmark (Owner and Editor in Chief of Chicken Soup for the Soul Corporation) as she gifts us her example and inspiration to expect greatness of yourself and others.   Click HERE to listen now! 2. Psychological Truth –“Sure you learn from pain, but you can also learn from... Read More

Lose a loved one to Politics? This will help.

Latest Blog: “Lose a loved one to Politics? This will help.” by Lois Prislovsky, Ph.D. and plenty of smart, compassionate, loving people from every political party imaginable – many of whom were at Thanksgiving. What do you need to feel good? Well, discord quickly lets you know what you don’t want. “Us” versus “Them” thinking is divisive and thus promotes fear. Adversity is a sign there is an easier way and that way is always in line with your PURPOSE. Politically, our habit is to come together in groups because we believe that is where our power is, but it is impossible to control the dynamics of the group. And nobody likes being controlled. The real power is in you. When we use collaborative problem-solving techniques combined with our individual purpose contributions; that is when all our needs are met. If you are not sure of your PURPOSE, play the hot-cold seeking game with your joy. The closer you get to your purpose – warmer, warmer, the better you feel. If your work, play, creativity, or any specific kind of giving is fun AND helpful to you and others – then it is in line with your purpose. I call that decision paradigm F+ (Fun positive) and that little book is in the works. As you keep doing F+ choices, you build momentum and get really good at being you, which expands your greatness and bliss and inevitably uplifts others. F+ choices are easy and heal relationships because they are going with the flow of positive energy and are therefore in everyone’s best interest. You know blind human Chirrut’s... Read More

5 Takeaways from 2016

Latest Blog: “5 Takeaways from 2016” BY LOIS PRISLOVSKY 1: Neurofeedback works well for ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, and Sleep health. “Thoughts become chemical. Treat yourself WELL in advance.” -Lois    2: Understanding presumed competence, Autism empathy myths, and the benefits of Neurodiversity helps us all. “The more perceptions we can process, the more reality we may know.” -Barb Rentenbach. Alyssa Compa, host of A Community Affair and public affairs director of WGLS – FM, speaks with Dr. Lois Prislovsky about embracing what makes each of us different. With a focus on Neurodiversity, Lois gives reassuring tips and advice to parents with children affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, and anxiety. Finally, Lois also shares the inspiring story of her non-verbal autistic co-author and business partner, Barb Rentenbach. 3: ASD friendly holidays can be made easy with these Connection Intention tips. “To love we must first appreciate. To appreciate we must understand.” -Lois            4: ADHD can be a Super Power. “If we treat or medicate away ADHD, we may lose adventurers, explorers, protectors, inventors, athletes and other bold contributors.” -Lois We are wise to embrace and build on the considerable strengths linked with ADHD brain styles. Many of the challenges associated with ADHD can be alleviated with education. Performance may be maximized by understanding the differences and taking action to establish external and internal structures supporting this type of neurology. For your diverse learning style pleasure we offer both a podcast and video for more on this idea:... Read More

Neurodiversity Book and Video

“Neurodiversity Book and Video” BY BARB RENTENBACH & LOIS PRISLOVSKY     Thank you Magpies Bakery for another delicious cake although we have noticed your decorators are now taking poetic license by depicting Barb as more holy and Lois as more headless.  Guess you guys read the book. Thanks! Please join us in making the benefits of neurodiversity as common as juice stains in mini-vans and empower different thinkers to become mainstream contributors. How to help: Purchase, Share, and Review (on our new book, Neurodiversity: A Humorous and Practical Guide to Living with ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Dyslexia, The Gays and Everyone Else by Barb Rentenbach and Lois Prislovsky. Neurodiversity Book Trailer Video – Thank... Read More

New Book and ADHD Tips Video

Latest Blog: “New Book and ADHD Tips Video” BY BARB RENTENBACH & LOIS PRISLOVSKY Mule and Muse Productions is proud to announce the launch of our new book, Neurodiversity: A Humorous and Practical Guide to Living with ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Dyslexia, The Gays and Everyone Else by Barb Rentenbach and Lois Prislovsky To launch our new book, we will be doing something different  – shocking, we know- but we promise it will be inclusive and FUN! If we do this right, the book launch event and following international tour will not be about us but about us all. To kick off the NEURODIVERSITY BENEFITS tour, Mule and Muse Productions will host a Neurodiversity Benefit highlighting neurodiverse leaders and organizations who are excited about what they do to help us all on Friday August 26th, 2016 from 5-7 pm at Chef Holly’s Gourmet’s Market. At Chef Holly’s Gourmet Market opening event and tour presentations that follow, participants will be invited toshare their neurodiverse stories on air (in whatever way they communicate). To love one must first appreciate. It is time to appreciate our differences like fresh troops joining our creative force to minimize divisiveness and maximize our collective potential. The solutions to previously unsolvable problems are not likely to come from doing the same old mainstream thinking. Unconventional thinkers may yield more creative and just solutions. Please stay tuned to our social media announcements for more details on NEURODIVERSITY BENEFITS events and opportunities to listen and be heard near you.               Many people sharing an idea, skyrockets it and it is our goal is to make the benefits of neurodiversity as... Read More

Eye Snobbery in ASD & Dyslexia

From Barb: I study history as it helps me know what people are likely to do. The present is a sensory overload so I prepare for it by studying the past. If you are preparing to teach or communicate with individuals with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), it is critical to study what we with ASD convey helps. Take listening for example. Our AUT department teaches listening well: Always to presume competence – meaning give RESPECT.  Know that respect is not possible without listening.  There are many ways to listen.  Did you hear that?  There are many ways to listen.  As Jess Wilson from Diary of a Mom fame writes in a note to her daughter with ASD whose teachers keep demanding she give eye contact when listening, “You see some people – a lot of people – have, well .. I guess a kind of disability. For some reason, they perceive eyes as ears. I know that sounds bizarre, baby, but it’s a very real challenge for a lot of us. Even for your mama. You see, we don’t have the same innate ability that you do to understand that there are as many ways to listen as there are to communicate. That there are as many equally valid and effective ways to engage with and show interest in and pay attention to the world around us as there are people in it.” Like Jess, I can relate to challenges, so I don’t need to make you wrong or me right, but you should know that for me and many of my ASD peers, making eye contact while listening... Read More