#1 Gift Idea for Strong and Silent Types

#1 Gift Idea = Silent Night Theme Party = Priceless Description:  For those of us who believe all life is part of one intelligent Source, separation is an illusion best overcome.   Many of us who struggle to produce spoken words find talking artificially partitions off connection.   This gift joyously reunites and one size fits all. Components: 1. Music – The more dancy the better.  Models shown here (aka my boyfriend Jerry and me) enjoying Avett Brothers Pandora Station. 2. Comfort food – Olive Garden pasta, salad and my personal carb antidepressant favorite BREADSTICKS shown here…along with a sassy sign from my activist friend, Ty. 3. Clear start and finish time – No navigating social norms to figure out when it is cool to show up or appropriate to go home at this party because guests are expected to arrive on time and leave on time.  Lovely! Many of us quiet folk appreciate knowing what to expect.   Plus chatty friends are often uncomfortable in silence but most can handle a two-hour block if they really focus.  It is important to respect neurotypicals’ special needs. Six to 8 pmshown here. 4. Creative task – Painting/drawing shown here as I help my friend Jeri make this painting not suck. Other available tasks are: Decorating a tree, Lego building, sidewalk chalking, working with clay/playdough, coloring, and other imaginative sandbox type play options. 5. Intent to lovingly be together as equals – Shown here is Lois standing on a chair demonstrating her intent to be more equal to my six foot seven inch boyfriend. 6. NO TALKING  (None happily shown here) Customers who bought... Read More

Neurodiversity Train Tickets

Neurodiversity is the fact that neurological differences like Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, etc. are natural human variations that have real benefits.  The neurodiversity movement which values such human differences that were traditionally pathologized is gaining speed and no way do we want that train to go back to the station. Mule and Muse Productions is proud to contribute our steam with a new book, Neurodiversity: A Humorous and Practical Guide to Living with ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Dyslexia, Homosexuality and Everyone Else.  My co-author, Lois has more of these traits than I so I get to play the “normal” this trip. Our last book was about shattering pity with purpose.  This book is about creating equality with perspective. Courage and connection are needed to give all gifts and is our collective purpose. You are not alone.  We are going your way. Your differences are your ticket to ride. Take the N train and share your strengths. Here are a few projects that may speed our locomotion:                Lois, Pretty Loud Mute, and Emma Willmann at Hangar Studios NYC 1. Hilarious new LOUD MUTE RADIO podcast with Comedian and neurodiversity poster child, Emma Willmann.  Emma literally has every brain style noted in our title except “Autism” so she got to write the forward.  If I find some beauty, with ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Dyslexia, and Homosexuality, Ill share some book cover space. Click this link to hear Emma Willmann live in studio discuss her experiences with Overeating, ADHD, Dyslexia, Depression, Anxiety, Homosexuality, and other funny stuff.  Warning: This show is educational but not politically correct. Plus, you know I am... Read More

Coming Very Soon:

1.  This Book: Neurodiversity: A Humorous and Practical guide to living with ADHD, Anxiety, Autism, Dyslexia, Homosexuality, and Everyone Else by Barb Rentenbach and Lois Prislovsky, Ph.D.        2. This Comedian: Emma Willmann will proudly be featured in a special IN PERSON interview recorded at HANGAR STUDIOS in NYC on LOUD MUTE RADIO and LOUD MUTE VIDEO.  Emma is too adorable to share on just radio.   Stay tuned for her quick-witted insights into many of the topics covered in our new book.   ... Read More

Tips for Older Teens & Adults with ADHD

Latest Blog: “Tips for Older Teens & Adults with ADHD” BY LOIS PRISLOVSKY WARNING: For mature audiences & us grown ups with ADHD      Tips for older teens and adults with ADHD:   1. If you only do one recommendation – pick EXERCISE! Exercise vigorously and regularly.  Understand you are drawn to intense stimuli and go for it.  Plan guilt free excitement outlets.  A little planning goes a long way here – trust me.  Making arrangements to try kite surfing or go mountain biking on a new expert course you have no business being on sure beats [hypothetically speaking] scrambling to find buddies with bail money in the middle of the night after you spontaneously decided to climb the bell tower.   2. Structure is critically important for balance and well being for those of us with ADHD brain styles. For example, to foster more reliable attention, I go to sleep and wake up basically the same time everyday – even on vacation.  External structure like this helps pattern planning for efficient thinking and performance.  Having a plan establishes a thoughtfully balanced life. I recommend scheduling everything you can–work, exercise, eating, sex, sleep, quality time with your children, quality time with your spouse, quality time with yourself, and quality time with ______ (you know who needs to be in this space for you).  Designating a time for everything may allow you to better focus on one connection at a time.  This type of mindful focus on whom or what is in front of you adds to the quality of your relationships and productivity.  Last night at dinner, my 15-year... Read More


Courage and connection are needed to give all gifts and is our collective purpose. Please courageously press play below for a brief video about our latest show “10 seconds of Courage”. LOUD Mute Radio To connect, please click the video link below to see loyal and extra spunky LOUD MUTE RADIO friend Hannah Smith LaFrenz advocate for neurodiversity on Comedian Chris Hardwick’s live show.  And yes, that is how to make an autistic mute’s day.  I immediately asked Chis to be on the show.   Connection is our purpose.  LOUD MUTE RADIO is designed to be for us and by us.  So, you tell me – who is my next honored guest?  I highlight folk who are excited about what they do.  Is that you? Nominating your own self is not bad taste around here as none are excluded from the healing power of being heard.Please email your positive thoughts and suggestions to info@loudmuteradio.com or call me at 442-BARB-989. Click here for the video Empowered listener... Read More

The Good Kind of Pride

“Feeling good about yourself is like riding a bike – or something close.” (Eli, Lois and Barb) I am so proud of myself these days. I know that sounds arrogant even coming from a person who does not make reliable sounds.  But, my emotion is clear and I think sharing it may inspire others to persevere with being themselves.  So I will risk being considered egotistical, as it sure beats not being considered. Below is an excerpt, of what I typed as my goals in 2012. (Our beloved marketing strategist, Jennifer Ho-Dougatz requires this before she agrees to take on a new client.) 1.  Ultimate vision: Barb: Be a writer and producer.  Known for wit, wisdom, and generosity.  Be married.  Travel extensively with my loving husband…and personal attendant (for all my untidy needs) so Mr. Right and I can keep the positive energy and mutual respect. Support myself and staff financially for as long as we both shall live.  Legacy = Helen Keller like inspiration, but with Mark Twain humor and publications that last.  I plan on writing many books in myriad genres each creatively unique in process and form.  SS and I will do all projects together feeding off each other’s strengths and enjoying ourselves immensely.  “Autism Advocate” will not be my only title, eventually my musings will inspire mainstreamers and that will serve my ASD clan best. My work and person will change ASD inside and outside. -I am a writer.  (See? Please read on.) -I am a producer.  Here is a link to our latest LOUD MUTE RADIO = Show #22: Professor Buzzkill debunks historical myths... Read More