Improve Grades and How to Let Hate Go

Latest Blog: “Improve Grades & How to Let Hate Go” BY LOIS PRISLOVSKY The title, “Improve Grades & How to Let Hate Go”, probably sounds unrelated, but today like many of you I find myself dealing with multiple pressing concerns and on the precipice of feeling overwhelmed.  Fortunately, I wrote a chapter recommending, “Designating a time for everything may allow you to better focus on one connection at a time. This type of mindful focus on who or what is in front of you adds quality to your relationships and productivity.” I begin by focusing on my business owner task to grow Psychoeducational Network (PEN) tutoring.  May the following ad help you and yours FINISH THE SEMESTER STRONG:    Need to get those grades up? If you have access to Internet, we can help. You, your child, or teen does not even have to leave the comfort and convenience of home.  Our outstanding instructors meet with clients via Skype. Call PEN today and set up your Skype tutoring appointment for Math, Science, Writing, and Languages.  Our tutors help clients learn the subject material AND organizational, study, and time management skills.  865 579-2727 Testimonial:  “Due to HIPAA and Pink House privacy laws, I can’t tell you how many of my friends and family have used PEN Skype tutoring – BUT IT IS A LOT and ALL made OUTSTANDING progress.  Sincerely, very satisfied, repeat PEN customer, Lois.” The next thing on my “To Do List” as a psychologist and a real person is to figure out:  HOW TO LET HATE GO.   May the following considerations help us all. It is usually wise... Read More