Top 3 Anxiety Tips

Latest Blog: “Top 3 Anxiety tips“ by Lois Prislovsky, Ph.D Anxiety is the most common psychological condition.  The great news is that it is also the most effectively treated. The cause and the cure for anxiety are: the brain (an organ in your body) and the mind (thoughts which you control.)           Anxiety is natural and not innately bad as it can liberate us to do and be more.  Below are 3 tips to help us grow through our fears. 1.   Facilitate Optimism.   Your fear level is determined not by the situation you find yourself in but by your interpretation of that situation.  When your interpretation changes, your whole sense of what is fearful and what is not changes with it. A pessimist can learn to be an optimist.  It just takes practice with intention.  Human beings are capable of feeling two emotions: Fear and Love.  Fear is separation. Love is connection.  Those who learn to process as optimists are more likely to take action in response to stressors whereas pessimists may feel defeated and alone making them less likely to choose constructive connection actions.   2. Practice Mindfulness. Present moment, focused awareness or “mindfulness” is an excellent way to process anxiety. It changes emotional reactions, which are often unconscious in to a chosen, controlled, fully conscious response. Suppressing emotions is proven to decrease wellbeing. Mindfulness allows one to feel and validate emotions and then move on. The key is to own the emotion, and then do with it as you will.  It is not that you are not afraid.  It is that you are willing... Read More