How to Help Your Therapist Help You

Latest Blog: “How to Help Your Therapist Help You” by Lois Prislovsky, Ph.D. and plenty of smart, compassionate, loving people from every political party imaginable – many of whom were at Thanksgiving.

How to help your therapist help you be YOU – BIG time


In full disclosure, because of the most powerful sense of critical urgency I have ever felt in my entire 50 years, that is not the title I REALLY want to communicate. Why do I filter my true intention? Because I fear a “mental illness” label which I am learning from my wise clients is about as helpful as silent letters tattooed on cinder blocks wired to your new bathing suit. Click HERE for our thoughts on the negative impact of pathologizing neurodivergences – aka labeling people who think differently as disordered.

The more fearless and love fueled title I truly intend is:

How to help your therapist help you heal the world – NOW

Fortunately, regardless of which title is more appealing to you, the result should be the same: you KNOW and GROW your greatness (which is FUN and fascinating if you choose) and the world is a much better place.

Here is some FUN Positive Psychology (F+P) to help you KNOW and GROW your Greatness:

1. Uplifting LOUD MUTE RADIO podcast featuring heroic Amy Newmark (Owner and Editor in Chief of Chicken Soup for the Soul Corporation) as she gifts us her example and inspiration to expect greatness of yourself and others.


Click HERE to listen now!

2. Psychological Truth –“Sure you learn from pain, but you can also learn from ease and fun.Its like learning to ride a bicycle – you learn from falling off, but you learn the most when you stay balanced and enjoy the ride. Pain is highly overrated as a teaching device. If you pay attention to the internal signals and external feedback, life won’t need a 2X4 to get your attention.” -Bert Everit

Remember, the “Shall we play a game?” line from the 1983 movie War Games? Well here we are…with similar stakes.

We all have a YUGE opportunity to contribute heroically to the higher good by going ALL IN.

I calculate the best way to heal the world is for each of us to do what we are really good at and enjoy with maximum clarity of Attention and Intention to help.

What I am really good at and enjoy is helping leaders clear emotional blocks and distractions so you may laser focus your creativity and be happy, productive, balanced, and helpful!

So our company just launched, Corporate Mental Wealth Services – Please click HERE to learn more.

Remember, if we all contribute our individual strengths (that are usually so enjoyably, fascinating and rewarding for us to practice) this high stakes play will be serious fun.

3. Please understand Your human capital is exactly what is needed to heal the world. Consider your talents. What makes you feel good to give? Have FUN giving that NOW, please. Thank you!

Here are some fresh memes to help you stay motivated and focused on growing and giving your greatness:

“Focused attention on your intention powers you up.” -Dr. Lois Prislovsky

“Miracles do not make believers. Believers make miracles.” -Dr. Lois Prislovsky

“Ego free is the key.” -Dr. Lois Prislovsky

“Mistakes are necessary for success.” -Dr. Lois Prislovsky

“True is kind.” -Dr. Lois Prislovsky

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” -Albert Einstein


Blessings to all.

Simply Lois (a psychologist who is not afraid to use the L word… for a variety of F+P reasons)

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