Lose a loved one to Politics? This will help.

Latest Blog: “Lose a loved one to Politics? This will help.” by Lois Prislovsky, Ph.D. and plenty of smart, compassionate, loving people from every political party imaginable – many of whom were at Thanksgiving.

What do you need to feel good? Well, discord quickly lets you know what you don’t want. “Us” versus “Them” thinking is divisive and thus promotes fear. Adversity is a sign there is an easier way and that way is always in line with your PURPOSE.

Politically, our habit is to come together in groups because we believe that is where our power is, but it is impossible to control the dynamics of the group. And nobody likes being controlled. The real power is in you. When we use collaborative problem-solving techniques combined with our individual purpose contributions; that is when all our needs are met.

If you are not sure of your PURPOSE, play the hot-cold seeking game with your joy. The closer you get to your purpose – warmer, warmer, the better you feel. If your work, play, creativity, or any specific kind of giving is fun AND helpful to you and others – then it is in line with your purpose. I call that decision paradigm F+ (Fun positive) and that little book is in the works. As you keep doing F+ choices, you build momentum and get really good at being you, which expands your greatness and bliss and inevitably uplifts others.

F+ choices are easy and heal relationships because they are going with the flow of positive energy and are therefore in everyone’s best interest. You know blind human Chirrut’s mantra from Star Wars: Rogue One, “I am one with the Force. The force is with me.” That is TRUE.

Avoidance is the primary way most of us deal with anxiety and fear. Have you been avoiding people with different political opinions? Want to feel better? Smile and set your intention to heal those relationships.

Since healing can’t be done in the past, make an F+ choice to heal now. Smile and take that step that feels good to you. More smiling will ensue as you notice how lovingly moving closer to that person feels right, fun and clearly in line with your higher purpose.

What to bring to make the healing trip enjoyably powerful for all:

1. A gift for your loved one. (This can be any considerate token that you are confident will bring them joy.)

2. Humility. (The truly wise understand they know only part of truth and are enthusiastic to learn more.)

3. Your best non-judgmental, listening attention. (If you catch yourself doing more of the talking, refocus your attention on knowing your healing partner as you know yourself.)

4. Specific LOVE for that person. (To love we must first appreciate. To appreciate we must understand.)

5. Lots of smiles and tissues. (This may get wonderfully emotional like your favorite heartwarming movie…but you are in a starring role. Play your part well; I promise you will be glad you did.)

What not to bring:

1. Information from your side to help change their opinion. (Different perspectives and opinions make democratic systems resilient, flexible, and divinely powerful. Remember, your intention on this F+ step is to change hearts not opinions.)

2. An agenda other than your pure intent to understand the other person.

3. Secrecy. (Authenticity, transparency, and TRUTH are needed for F+ connections. You may be surprised how enjoyable F+ negotiations are when you truly know what the other person wants. F+ DEALs are always win, win, win….)

4. Impatience. (This type of respectful, focused connection may be new to your healing partner too. Be patient with yourself and your loved one. F+ surfing requires fun practice but soon others are rising up and enjoying riding the wave of positivity too.)

5. Selfishness. (Selfishness is a temporary human condition we all have, but do not have to keep.)

Two invitations:

1. If you would like my help on making your F+ healing step, please email me at prislovsky@psychoeducationalnetwork.com
2. Please, if you have additional F+ ideas on how we may strengthen these recommendations to help heal our world please email me at prislovsky@psychoeducationalnetwork.com

Thank you! God bless the world.

P.S. Contributors:
Before publishing this piece, we shared the rough draft with many people with vastly different experiences and party affiliations asking for their feedback. The diversity of opinions was fascinating and was used to craft a better-balanced and hopefully more helpful work.

Clearly, our private worlds differ and our isolated projections make up our perceptions, which make it difficult to know greater truth. Thank you for using your energy to consider that we can do even better than agreeing to disagree. Ego free is key. If each of us even briefly, “Let go of my Ego” (you can keep the round waffle), win, win, win solutions will abound.

Hurt people hurt people AND healed people heal people. Have Fun! Love, Lo

Here is a brief video, we hope will help you get healing started:

Top 3 Anxiety Tipshttp://bit.ly/2k1MNFD

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