New Book and ADHD Tips Video


Mule and Muse Productions is proud to announce the launch of our new book,
To launch our new book, we will be doing something different  – shocking, we know- but we promise it will be inclusive and FUN!
If we do this right, the book launch event and following international tour will not be about us but about us all.
To kick off the NEURODIVERSITY BENEFITS tour, Mule and Muse Productions will host a Neurodiversity Benefit highlighting neurodiverse leaders and organizations who are excited about what they do to help us all on Friday August 26th, 2016 from 5-7 pm at Chef Holly’s Gourmet’s Market.
At Chef Holly’s Gourmet Market opening event and tour presentations that follow, participants will be invited toshare their neurodiverse stories on air (in whatever way they communicate).
To love one must first appreciate. It is time to appreciate our differences like fresh troops joining our creative force to minimize divisiveness and maximize our collective potential.
The solutions to previously unsolvable problems are not likely to come from doing the same old mainstream thinking. Unconventional thinkers may yield more creative and just solutions.
Please stay tuned to our social media announcements for more details on NEURODIVERSITY BENEFITS events and opportunities to listen and be heard near you.
Many people sharing an idea, skyrockets it and it is our goal is to make the benefits of neurodiversity as common as juice stains in minivans.
Friedrich Nietzsche reminds us, “You have your way. I have my way.  As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.”  So lets join together and create our way as we UNLEASH THE BENEFITS OF NEURODIVERSITY.
Should you fancy the merriment of buying this informative, uplifting and funny book (available in hardback audio-book and e-book) for yourself
and extra copies for your loved ones, teachers, labradoodle, local politicians, neighbors, mail carriers, dermatologist, dry cleaner, Egyptologist, and pizza delivery guy, we ask that you please make your purchases on our official book launch day August 26th to peak our sales so Amazon will help us spread the good word.
Barb, “There’s a sentence.”  Lois, “Barb, we agreed this newsletter would be a collaboration.”  Barb, “Yea well, I want folk to know that clunker sentence is yours.  While we are at it, mention in 750 words or less, that it also really helps us if you please write a review on Amazon –especially if you like the book.”
We hope you enjoy the video below.  We will be in touch, Barb and Lois

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