Courage and connection are needed to give all gifts and is our collective purpose.
Please courageously press play below for a brief video about our latest show “10 seconds of Courage”.

LOUD Mute Radio

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To connect, please click the video link below to see loyal and extra spunky LOUD MUTE RADIO friend Hannah Smith LaFrenz advocate for neurodiversity on Comedian Chris Hardwick’s live show.  And yes, that is how to make an autistic mute’s day.  I immediately asked Chis to be on the show.   Connection is our purpose.  LOUD MUTE RADIO is designed to be for us and by us.  So, you tell me – who is my next honored guest?  I highlight folk who are excited about what they do.  Is that you? Nominating your own self is not bad taste around here as none are excluded from the healing power of being heard.Please email your positive thoughts and suggestions to info@loudmuteradio.com or call me at 442-BARB-989. Click here for the video
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