Show 22: Professor Buzzkill Debunks Historical Myths

Professor BuzzkillBarb the history buff is joined by Jade Morton, a High School Senior and fellow history aficionado, in this lively show with Myth busting history expert, Professor Buzzkill from the wildly popular podcast, “Professor Buzzkill”. Trail of tears currency, Genghis Khan as “baby daddy”, Aztec Cannibal cooking tips, and J. Edgar Hoover’s fashion are some of the topics discussed.



Jade LMR Profile picJade Morton is a senior at Webb School of Knoxville and has been a passionate scholar of history since she was a young girl.  She lives with her family on a small farm and enjoys Youth in Government, Current Events and Journalism clubs and participates on the swim team and in local triathlons in her spare time.  She has been a leader in student government and service throughout her high school career and as she searches for a place to attend college or university in the next chapter of her life, she hopes to continue to work collaboratively with fellow students, faculty and community members to make the world a better and brighter place.    

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