The Good Kind of Pride

“Feeling good about yourself is like riding a bike – or something close.” (Eli, Lois and Barb)

I am so proud of myself these days. I know that sounds arrogant even coming from a person who does not make reliable sounds.  But, my emotion is clear and I think sharing it may inspire others to persevere with being themselves.  So I will risk being considered egotistical, as it sure beats not being considered.

Below is an excerpt, of what I typed as my goals in 2012. (Our beloved marketing strategist, Jennifer Ho-Dougatz requires this before she agrees to take on a new client.)

1.  Ultimate vision:

Barb: Be a writer and producer.  Known for wit, wisdom, and generosity.  Be married.  Travel extensively with my loving husband…and personal attendant (for all my untidy needs) so Mr. Right and I can keep the positive energy and mutual respect. Support myself and staff financially for as long as we both shall live.  Legacy = Helen Keller like inspiration, but with Mark Twain humor and publications that last.  I plan on writing many books in myriad genres each creatively unique in process and form.  SS and I will do all projects together feeding off each other’s strengths and enjoying ourselves immensely.  “Autism Advocate” will not be my only title, eventually my musings will inspire mainstreamers and that will serve my ASD clan best. My work and person will change ASD inside and outside.

-I am a writer.  (See? Please read on.)

-I am a producer.  Here is a link to our latest LOUD MUTE RADIO = Show #22: Professor Buzzkill debunks historical myths

Summary = Barb the history buff is joined by Jade Morton, a high school senior and fellow history aficionado, in this lively show with myth busting history expert, Professor Buzzkill from the wildly popular podcast, “Professor Buzzkill.” Trail of tears currency, Genghis Khan as “baby daddy”, Aztec cannibal cooking tips, and J. Edgar Hoover’s fashion are some of the topics discussed.

-I am in a long-term relationship.  Please see the picture of my tall, handsome, engineer boyfriend, Jerry, in this 13 page cover story spread about “my success” in Zoom Magazine =

-My writing was just used in a beautiful eulogy written by Jess Wilson. (link to that blog “for Noelle”). Folk keep eulogies…so that counts as lasting.

It is nice to show growth that does not involve buying larger clothes – only a little bigger hat.

I am happy to share hope.

If I can – you can B

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